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Flying Toilet Rolls - MAN>TFS Empty Flying Toilet Rolls - MAN>TFS

Post by Ryanairflyer on Fri 2 May 2014 - 10:46

This cannot be true -

1 Ok RYR Offering Free Drinks Turned Out To Be A Joke.  bounce 
2 Was the Toilet Paper Used or Unused. (If the Latter Then This Story Cannot Be true)  Crazy 

'All hell broke loose': Anger as Ryanair staff encourage passengers to play 'rowdy toilet roll throwing game' to win FREE BOOZE on board flight to Tenerife
Passenger to complain after toilet roll hit him in the face during flight
Cabin crew allegedly encouraged the game offering free booze
Game went on for 20 minutes at 33,000 feet on flight from Manchester

Passengers on board a Ryanair flight to Tenerife were encouraged to play a 'rowdy toilet roll throwing game' to win free booze, according to a holidaymaker.
Cabin crew allegedly split rows of people into two teams and told to hurl the rolls as far as they could in order to claim alcohol - hitting other passengers in the face in the process.
The 20-minute game took place on board a flight from Manchester to Tenerife, on which elderly holidaymakers were travelling.

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