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Post by Ryanairflyer on Fri 18 Jul 2014 - 23:28

Handle With Care  Shocked whoops

Ground handlers filmed throwing Ryanair luggage

Ground handlers at Bergamo airport in Italy have been caught on camera flinging passengers’ luggage onto a Ryanair aeroplane .

This video shows four ground handlers, one of whom throws bags across the runway to another, who then flings them into the plane’s luggage hold. What appear to be children’s foldable buggies are then thrown into the compartment.

According to the caption on the Youtube video, reportedly filmed by passengers waiting to board the plane in the terminal, the footage shows an incident that took place at 8pm on July 15 at Bergamo airport in Italy.

The website reported that the airport’s management company had apologised to customers and promised to refund those who found that their possessions had been damaged.

The agents who processed the bags are not employed by Ryanair, and the airline said that the handling was “clearly in breach” of Ryanair bag handling guidelines, and “would not be tolerated”. A spokesperson said: “Ryanair has instructed the Bergamo Airport authority that we want these two individuals removed from handling Ryanair flights and we have received assurances that this cavalier treatment of our customers’ bags will not be repeated.”

This is not the first time that ground agents have been caught on camera handling customers' luggage in an unsatisfactory manner. In April this year, an Air Canada passenger filmed a baggage handler dropping bags one by one, from the top of boarding stairs, into a pile in an open trunk on the ground below.

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