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Post by atoutprix on Fri 21 Feb 2014 - 19:08


A video from a flight last week claimed to show passengers being forced to stay on the delayed flight for over three hours.
(see the video in the reference above)

Ryanair told TheJournal.ie that a number of the claims in the video are untrue.

“This Ryanair flight from London Stansted to Porto was delayed by the weather disruption and a subsequent fuelling delay at the airport.

"After approximately two hours waiting for fuellers, the Captain requested the handling company (Swissport) to allow the passengers into the terminal which was locked.
“The Captain switched on the aircraft’s air conditioning while waiting for Swissport staff to arrive and the cabin crew provided water to passengers.
“When Swissport failed to arrive the Captain requested the police to let the passengers into the locked terminal. The police subsequently arrived and allowed the passengers into the terminal. Passengers were then provided with refreshment vouchers on Ryanair’s instructions.
"The aircraft departed the following morning at 7.50am. Ryanair sincerely apologises to all passengers on this flight who were affected by this delay.

“Ryanair wishes to correct several false claims in relation to this incident;
The claim that passengers had to call the police is untrue – the Captain called the police.
The claim that the air conditioning was not switched on is false – the Captain switched on the air conditioning.
The claim that passengers were held by Ryanair against their will is false – the Captain made every effort, first with the handling agent (Swissport) and then with the police, to arrange for passengers to be allowed into the terminal which was locked.
The claim that passengers were not provided with refreshment vouchers or water is untrue – Ryanair crew provided water to passengers on board and refreshment vouchers were issued to passengers following disembarkation.”
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